How to store your jewelry

As with any jewelry you should keep pearls, gemstones and precious metals in a well crafted jewelry box or jewelry pouch. Items should be separated to avoid scratching as well as contamination and tangling.

Choosing a jewelry box

A jewelry box should offer enough compartments to allow precious pieces to be stored individually. The box should also contain a soft lining which will prevent scratching. Choose a jewelry box which is rigid and capable of protecting your jewelry should it be bumped or knocked. If you wish to secure your jewelry you may also consider purchasing a box with a lock and key. The box should allow you to hang chains which will help prevent kinks and knots.

The right spot

Jewelry needs to be kept in a dry location with low humidity. Humid and damp conditions will cause tarnish in silver and problems with other precious metals. Also consider the security and accessibility of the location you choose.

How to store gold and silver jewelry

Your two main priorities when storing your gold and silver are to avoid tarnishing/dulling and avoid scratching. To avoid tarnishing you will need to reduce the amount of moisture in the air. Store each piece of jewelry in a separate cotton or jewelry bag. The bag needs to be able to breathe, if the bag is air tight it may sweat which will cause tarnish. Good quality Jewelry bags are usually treated with chemicals that reduce tarnish. A good quality jewelry bag will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. The pieces should be stored individually, if stored together the pieces will scratch each other. If available place a moisture absorbing product inside your jewelry box. White chalk, charcoal or silica gel will absorb the moisture which causes tarnish.

How to store diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest gemstone in the world. They are perfect for scratching other types of jewelry so once again keep the jewelry store in individual compartments. Diamonds are usually set in either silver or gold so you simply need to follow the instructions above.

How to store Pearls

Pearls are extremely soft and will scratch quite easily and so it is important to store your pearls in a soft bag free of dust or anything which may scratch your pearls. Remember to restring your pearls regularly, particularly if you wear and clean them frequently.

How to store gemstones

Softer gemstones scratch easily, other types of gemstones crack and certain gemstones can also be damaged changes in heat. Store your gemstones in individual bags and keep them in an area with relatively stable temperatures. Certain porous gemstones like Emerald should not become too dry or they may in fact crack. For this reason these gemstones should be re-oiled every year or so depending upon your climate.

Prolong the life of your Jewelry

  • Apply makeup and perfume before putting on your jewelry. The chemicals will damage sensitive gemstones (like pearls) and tarnish metals like silver.
  • Remove jewelry when cleaning. Ammonia, detergents and other household chemicals will damage jewelry.
  • Do not shower with your jewelry on for the same reasons as the above point. In addition to damage from chemicals any jewelry which falls off (soap will loosen rings) you will lose your jewelry to the plug hole.
  • Do not swim at the beach or swimming pool with jewelry on. Chlorine and salt will damage your gemstones and metals.
  • Gold and silver are soft metals and will bend easily. Avoid doing anything strenuous with gold and silver jewelry on.